Which shampoo for dogs and cats to choose?

We are used to taking care of our appearance: smooth skin, well-groomed nails and shiny hair. And we want our pets to look neat too. Pet shops offer a range of pet care products and items. Perhaps the central place in this range occupy shampoos for dogs and the best flea shampoo for cats.

Today you can find a huge variety of shampoos for animals, just like for humans. In our pet store you will be offered shampoos for dogs and cats, suitable for a particular coat color, length, structure, skin characteristics.

The animal should be washed only when necessary – if the pet is dirty or has skin diseases. Of course, this does not apply to show animals, which are bathed before each event.

Before bathing, you should comb the coat and remove all tangles; to facilitate this task, you can use a special anticounter spray .

You can choose a shampoo for dogs and cats that emphasizes the natural beauty of their fur: today they produce special series for animals of different colors. For fluffy coats like poodles, conditioner shampoos are often used, long coats are bathed with mink oil. For a light and long coat (Yorkie), it is better to use a conditioner balm. Do not wash puppies and adult animals with the same shampoo: babies have very delicate skin, which requires particularly gentle products.

A separate group of products are medicinal and prophylactic shampoos for dogs and cats. Your veterinarian will help you find the right product. Antiparasitic drugs will not save you the hassle in one application, their main action is a preventive effect. As a rule, such shampoos should be used in conjunction with special products.

Shampoo allows you to get rid of the specific animal odor, but you should not get carried away with such “aromatherapy”. Humans and animals have completely different ideas about smell. If you bathe your cat with lavender-scented shampoo, she will lick until she is completely rid of it.

Usually neither dogs nor cats like to wash. Therefore, try to injure your pet as little as possible. Be careful not to get water in your eyes and ears! This is fraught with painful consequences. You can put oiled cotton swabs in your ears, the main thing is not to forget to pull them out later.

After bathing, carefully check that the shampoo does not remain on the coat or between the pet’s fingers. Even a small amount can cause an allergic reaction.

Be sure to completely dry the animal after the procedure. Long-haired cats and dogs are usually dried with a hair dryer. Make sure the air was not too hot.

If the animal is very afraid of water or there is simply no way to redeem it, you can use a spray shampoo that does not require rinsing. Dry shampoos belong to the same category: they gently cleanse the coat: a specific powder will absorb all the dust and excess fat. You just have to comb it out with a brush.

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