What is the primary bag of cats?

The primordial bag or primordial sack (in English, Primordial Pouch, Felline Pouch or Cat Belly Flap ) is located in front of the cat’s hind legs. It is an excess of skin and fat that resembles the typical flaccid skin that is left to people who lose a lot of weight.

If you have seen that your cat has this pelt in the abdomen that moves in the form of a pendulum when it walks, you will surely be wondering if your cat has been or is very fat.

The feline overweight is a common reality, and it is important that you check, but if you only guides for having seen this flap, you know that has nothing to do with weight.

One trick: if you want to know if your cat is fat, feel his ribs. Not finding them or finding them with difficulty can be an indicator of excess weight.

What is the primary bag for?

This sack is another inheritance of the wild origin of cats, and is said to have three main utilities:

  • Protection. By having this additional layer, it has an extra permanent shield. This is especially necessary for the fight. When cats fight, they usually put a belly up. And they do that type of scratching with the hind legs (“playing the guitar” we call him at home, affectionately). In the part of the belly, there are many important organs, so this additional shield is an advantage.
  • Freedom of movement. Excess skin makes the pussy more elastic because, when necessary, it stretches like an accordion. Thus, cats can take longer steps and gain speed when running.
  • Food store. Wild cats do not know when they are going to eat again, so this allowed them to keep reserves.

What cats have this bag?

There are no specific characteristics that make a pussycat have the primary bag or not. They can have females, males, young and old cats, breed or common cats …

It is supposedly an inheritance of this wild origin of the pussycat, so it is common to see it in stray cats, but so can domestic cats.

Some breeds consider having this bag as a standard, so it is a requirement for the pussycat to be purebred, as is the case with Bengal cats, the Egyptian Mau, the Pixie Bob, and the Japanese Bobtail.

Surely that happens because these cat breeds are those that retain the wildest features, similar to native cats.

It’s funny how some theorize about cats that have a “warrior gene,” that gene that makes them have features like the primordial bag. The author of Animal Logic says: “Those who carry this gene have the courage, determination and other qualities above and beyond what in modern times you can expect from a cat.”

The usefulness of the primary bag gives meaning to the big wild cats to keep it: the tiger, the jaguar…

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