What does dreaming about cats mean?

If you have dreamed that a cat attacks you, that you caress a pussycat, that you lose some kittens … surely you wonder what it symbolizes. Know the answer.

You can be more or less mystical, have your spiritual beliefs or not, believe in the hereafter … be as you are, how many times have you woken up, remember the dream you’ve had and are intrigued to know why?

Interpreting dreams is an ancient practice (there are writings from more than 3,8000 years ago that corroborate it). And knowing the meaning of our dreams can help us identify internal conflicts, problems, shortcomings, illusions …

Currently, there are many websites where you can see what it means to “dream about.” But often what they say on one site is contradictory to what they put on another. If you search on Google “what does it mean to dream about a cat” you can read explanations that defend that it is something delicious, and others in which they say that dreaming with minions is the worst of the possible omens.

How did the dream make you feel

I am in favor of those who defend that the context in which the idea comes true is very important. Not so much for the environment, but how: what makes you feel, what feeling do you have after having dreamed that, what does it convey to you … Sometimes it is easier to identify that by answering the following question: What title would you put to your dream?

It also influences what each thing or person symbolizes for us. For example, sometimes you dream of an old boyfriend who hurt you a lot, which for you meant “abandonment,” that would be the title, and that is what he symbolizes in the dream. Although in the dream you are well and that does not seem that way, it is your symbol of abandonment.

As a personal experience, when I was pregnant, the closest thing to taking care of a baby that I had done so far was to take care of my cats. And, in general, cats have always awakened in me that need and responsibility to take care of them. So during pregnancy, I often dreamed of kittens: little cats that I had to take care of, or cats that were lost, and I was very distressed … And it was a reflection of my fears and my illusions for the baby I was brewing.

But apart from each particular case, there are also some interesting definitions of what it means to dream about cats, as a general symbol.

What does the cat symbolize

The cat usually relates to mystery and strength. And usually a symbol of the feminine, of sensuality and inner power.

Dreaming of a cat is also linked to creativity; the cat can mean wisdom and our spiritual side. Because of its stealthy and bold character, the cat also represents intuition, independence, and our wildest side.

Given the above, dreaming of a cat should be positive, but depending on how the pussy is, what makes us feel, how the animal acts, and how we, etc. It can be the opposite.

The cat can also be interpreted as a mysterious being that hides something, that can be dangerous, and that can suddenly attack you. A fact that is often interpreted as an alert that someone is trying to deceive or harm us.

The cat, in the end, is the protagonist, but it is still a symbol that can mean different things depending on the one who dreams of it, their beliefs, their fears, their fantasies, and their phobias.

What does it mean to dream of a cat that attacks me?

Obviously, if the cat is attacking us, the feeling we will have will not be positive and, therefore, the dream message will go along that line.

The cat that attacks is usually the representation of your enemies; whether people, facts, or situations.

To dream of being attacked by a cat is that fight against what your enemy is. It is important if, in the dream, you end up “winning” the cat or you.

In reality, a pussycat can harm you with an attack, scratching or biting you, but it doesn’t have enough strength or size to “win a fight” (always speaking symbolically). So if in the dream you win the battle, you are not facing that fear or enemy with the strength and commitment you deserve.

On the contrary, if you manage to separate the cat and throw it, it means that you are overcoming that obstacle that worries you.

Dreaming of a cat that spider you would also have a connotation similar to the above: that problem or enemy and your battle against it. Sometimes we are not aware of what is tormenting us, so maybe it will be your turn to think hard until you understand what the cat really symbolized in that dream.

What does it mean to dream about the death of a cat?

Dreaming of the death of a pussycat has several connotations, and depending on how this death occurs, it can be interpreted in different ways.

If in the dream you killed the cat because it was attacking or scratching you, it could be that you are overcoming that fear or obstacle we were talking about before.

If the cat appears dead, but you have had nothing to do, or if you hear that they are killing him but do not intervene, it is usually related to the lack of independence or autonomy.

Maybe you feel drowned for some reason that is putting pressure on your subconscious, and that’s why it sends you alerts.

This symbology is also usually associated with the dreams of dying cats drowned, by that feeling of suffocation and anguish.

When dead cats and live cats appear in the dream, it can mean an internal conflict in which you will have to decide, and that is something decisive in your life.

Sometimes in dreams with a dead cat,  blood also appears. Blood symbolizes life, the essential, so it can mean the fear of losing something really important to you.

What does it mean to dream of a black cat?

In many places, the black cat is associated with bad luck, so in some way we have that message recorded in the subconscious. And although we know that black cats are wonderful, we link the color black with something dark.

Dreaming of black cats is interpreted as fear or doubt of something hidden. Many times it is associated with worries, concerns, internal problems that we do not want to face. It is a way of alerting about something important that you have inside and that you are not letting bloom. The black cat is symbolizing something hidden, but also that part of power and wisdom that it represents: it is an invitation to reflect on what it is that you are not letting out.

On the other hand, if the feeling we have is that the black cat symbolizes an outside danger, it might be that it represents a hoax.

What the black cat does in the dream can also be a clue:

  • If the black cat attacks us, it would be a mixture of what was said about dreaming about attacking cats and the very symbolism of the occult.
  • If the black cat enters our house or wanders through it, it is usually interpreted as a hoax or harm to the family (either from someone outside the family, as problems within the family itself).
  • And if the black cat stares at us, it observes us but does nothing, and it is interpreted as being questioning your interior, your intuition, and your own abilities and wisdom.

What does it mean to dream of white cats?

As with black cats, the color of the pussy can give clues about what it symbolizes in our dream.

White is usually interpreted as illusions, hopes, desires, or goals. And the way we interact with the white cat will influence what makes us feel and, therefore, what it symbolizes in our dream.

When the white cat fleas in the dream, it is interpreted as an obstacle or something that we have to reach to achieve our goal. The sensation and the meaning will be different if we can “catch” the cat or not.

A white, pretty and affectionate cat usually represents something good; But sometimes this symbol has another interpretation, for example, if the cat suddenly attacks us or does things that make us feel bad. In that case, the pussy symbolizes the deception, since it shows a pretty face but then is treacherous.

What does dreaming about kittens mean?

Even if you are not a big cat lover, the image of a newborn kitten or a baby cat causes your tenderness. So this dream is usually positive.

It is usually interpreted as the transition to your independence and depending on how the kitten is, and it will be a simple transition or an intense fight.

Another quite frequent meaning is to relate the kitten with something fragile, especially with a person whom we consider to be protected. This is why many times baby kittens are interpreted as children, and hence, it happens to many pregnant women as it happened to me, that I did not stop dreaming of kittens during the nine months.

What does it mean to dream of many cats?

Again, the feeling that the dream gives us will be the answer to what it means to us.

If in the dream many cats attack you, you will surely feel bad, and it is probably an alert to the attack of someone’s enemy.

If many cats are happy, happy with you, they are caressed, they greet you … Possibly symbolize that you feel at peace or happy for some reason.

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