Easiest Way to Give Your Cat a Pill Without Stress

Finally, I have learned a method that works 100% for pets – pill shooters for cats! All my life we’ve been struggling with my cat Cassandra. This cat was categorically unwilling to take pills! Giving her an elementary anti-white pill and making her swallow it was a quest, and she never managed to do it the first time. We tried almost all the methods, we tried to put the pill in food: in dry food, in meat, in pâté. Nothing helped, she just went around the pill and ate all the food.

They sprinkled the food with powder, she didn’t eat it.
The doctors advised her to throw it down her throat and iron her throat, she often managed to clench and do not swallow. The pill placed on the root of her tongue caused foam in her mouth.
One doctor said, “I know what you need,” and sold the drug as a suspension in a syringe, I poured it in, and it spit up.
The drug dissolved in water was giving it back, causing her to vomit. She sat there and forced herself to vomit. I almost cried.

Safety Pill Shooter for Cat

I thought it was incorrigible. But recently she got sick, and we went to see our Dr. Albert. Turns out he can not only make a pussy pee in a jar, but also knows a very effective method of giving pills. It works! I’m just delighted and I can’t help but share, in case someone has the same problems with their pet as we did.

When our doctor prescribed Cassandra a course of treatment with pills, I sighed and asked for shots. It’s almost impossible to give the pills to our cat, I explained.
It’s not hard, the doctor said, but I’ll teach you now.

And taught you! We successfully give the cat a pill every day, the first time we do it.

And so, the method itself is very simple. Preferably two people, one will be difficult, because everything must be done quickly, and the animal must be fixed. One person should hold the pet.
The second one prepares a syringe with a little water. The syringe of course without a needle.

To a cat (or dog) we open a mouth, we throw back a head, a throat of a cat should look in a ceiling. There deftly throw a tablet. Forget about the root of the tongue, the pill should fall into the throat deeper.
And now to get it where it should be and the cat did not have time to do anything to feel the taste, it is necessary to pour water from the syringe. This instantly activates the swallowing reflex, and the tablet falls directly into the stomach.

Pilling Cat

And do not hold your face, wait for a swallowing reflex, iron your throat. All this is unnecessary, with the help of water, the process takes seconds.

Now I understand that this is really the best method, because we take water pills ourselves. It is much easier to swallow with water! If you think about swallowing pills on dry, it’s torture. This method allows the animal not to know the taste of the drug, and not to react. Many pills have unpleasant taste. Everything happens very quickly here.

I hope the information will be useful!

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